So we tried something different, Mango Curry.  I admit I did not make it from scratch.  It came in a jar.  It was ok.  I added cauliflower and broccoli to it, might not have been a good idea.  I think the combination of spices was to much for my dad’s stomach or something too.  He is not feeling good today.  To be honest neither am I, but that is the way it goes.  It could also be the warm and then cold weather just beating us up.  Old houses are drafty too.  who knows, made a  Dr’s appt for after the 1st should be ok, I am not to worried.


Turkey Pot Pie

Posted: January 24, 2011 in Recipes

1 ½ cup milk, I used nonfat dry milk reconstituted

1 cup LS vegetable stock

1 half Turkey breast, cut into large pieces

1 cup carrots ( I used frozen cut carrots)

1 cup peas

2 celery stalks, split in half and sliced ½ in thick

1 onion chopped fine

3 cloves garlic, grated

1 Tbsp  oil

3 Tbsp no salt seasoning

½ tsp salt

1tsp pepper

2 tsp cornstarch

3 cups biscuit mix (follow directions on mix)

2 Tbsp butter

Preheat oven 350.  In saucepan combine milk, vegetable stock.  In skillet, sweat onion and garlic in 1 Tbsp of oil.  Add onion and garlic to saucepan.  Add no salt seasoning to saucepan.  Cook sauce until bubbling, add cornstarch.  Sauce will be slightly thick.  In skillet add carrots and  celery and sauté at last minute add peas to warm thru.  Combine vegetables into sauce.  Add cut up turkey and taste for seasoning, this is where I added the salt and pepper.  Mix biscuit mix according to directions, place on top of  Turkey mixture in casserole dish.  Bake for 30 minutes, check for doneness. Bake additional 10 min as needed to cook biscuit thru.  Add butter to top of biscuit for last 5 min of baking

My dad is fabulous.  He had to have a sleep study to see if he has sleep apnea.  When it is just me he is wiggly and doesn’t want to have much to do with fussy stuff.  But for the technician he was great.

That is how it goes I guess.  When it is just me and him, he just wants to sit in his chair or take a nap, oh and EAT.  In the spring and summer we get in the car and go for a ride, but that is about it.  He helps a little with chores, I do have to push some.  He complains he can’t do anything, but I ask him to do stuff like help with dishes, or stuff like that and he doesn’t want to do it. I guess household chores aren’t glamorous enough for him.  LOL.  But say I need to move stuff around or lift stuff or get firewood, he tries to be all over it.  The problem, he loses his breath, he gets week in his legs and gets upset because he can’t do things like he used to.  I have tried to get him to help me by doing things slower, but he has 2 speeds, stop and go,go,go.

We had tried to have him do exercise, but if I am not pushing or telling him to do it, he doesn’t.  He will say “oh look I need this piece of equipment” and use it 3 times in 6 months.  I get upset because we can’t afford to buy stuff just for the sake of buying things.  My mom was like that when she was alive.  You get a lot of good stuff, but nothing to show but a warehouse full of empty dreams.  I don’t want to live my life that way.

My dad is just not motivated by anything unless it involves shopping or eating.  We do go to the thrift store to walk around, I make/take him to the senior center but sometimes it is a hard push out the door.  He stopped driving in May, after  his 3rd or 4th heart attack.  I know I am lucky he is still with me, it is just hard.  Sometimes I feel like his jailer, not his daughter.

I can try to understand his frustration, he worked hard all his life.  Retirement was supposed to be him and mom going traveling.  She passed in 2003,( it was a long hard illness) and it is me and him and I don’t want to travel and we don’t have any extra money to do that.  Some months it is a struggle just to pay the bills and get his medicine.  I explain but Pop is used to how it was when he worked, he made good money.  Another challenge is that he has some dementia, not Alzheimer, so I choose to explain till he understands, then he forgets and I explain again.

You have to understand my mom was the Matriarch and I inherited my dad.  I promised her I would keep things as they were and take care of him.  I did not know what I was getting myself into.  It didn’t help that we are night and day in personality.  After some counseling for both of us intermittently over the years we get along good now, it was hard at first, but we kept at it.  I couldn’t give up on him, and he didn’t give up on me.

It’s funny but my Pop is the best thing I have got in my life.

So what about Sodium Restriction.

Posted: January 17, 2011 in Recipes

I am my dad’s in home caregiver (unpaid) and have been since 2003.  My dad has a lot of medical challenges, the largest being he likes all the foods that are not good for you if you have heart disease, diabetes, COPD.  I am responsible for making sure he gets what he needs, but also he enjoys what he is eating.

The Challenge is to make foods that do not  have to much sodium, sugar or  unnecessary ingredients that are just not good for a person.  In the last year it has been very difficult to find good recipes online or in books with low sodium, low sugar and not a lot of  fat that taste good all in one recipe.

Don’t get me wrong, their are some good ideas for recipes from vegetarian diet sites, but I need to be able to make regular food.  We shouldn’t have to become vegetarians to be able to eat food that is healthy and not full of salt, sugar and fat.

When I say low,  my dad’s sodium intake has to be 2000mg or less a day.  An example of a meal that doesn’t meet these criteria would be a dinner at a  restaurant, ex.  hamburger and fry’s contains up to 1500 mg or more depending on sauce, cheese and seasoning.  So you can see the dilemma. That meal contains 3/4ths of his whole days requirement for sodium.

The only thing I can do is make everything from scratch.  I scour the internet for recipes that I can modify.  I recently found a great recipe for Cheesy Chicken Parmigiana Casserole.  I had to make some changes to meet the low sodium requirement, my dad loved it, and the recipe was enough to make for dinner and also put some in the freezer for another meal as well as being budget friendly.

Lower Sodium Cheesy Chicken  Parm

2 cup cooked Rotini/ or any noodle you like

12 oz of chicken ( I used premade chicken nuggets cut into 1/4ths )

3 cups tomato sauce (you can use a bottled sauce if need be)

1 cup shredded Mozzarella

Preheat oven to 350, cook noodles, coat noodles with sauce, add in 1/2 cup mozzarella and chicken pieces and coat as well, sprinkle top of casserole with remaining cheese and bake for 15 to 35 minutes, till cheese is melted and brown.

I hope you enjoy this, let me know:)