Our Story

In 1998 my mom became house bound and I (the youngest of 7) moved home to help.  I lived with my parents until my mom passed away in 2003.  That is when the really tough job began.  My mom had always been in control of the day to day stuff.  My dad was along for the ride.  Don’t get me wrong they were a team in there own way,  I just never saw that side.  Pop, he worked and my mom did everything else.  So fast forward to 2012.  I have been a 24-7 caregiver for my dad.  I don’t work outside the home nor do I get a paycheck for what I do.  I make all the decision, do all the chores, do all the cooking for him (he has a special diet) and try to get him to help me make some of the decisions.  He isn’t really interested in all that.  As long as he has something to eat, tv to watch, we go to Goodwill for exercise 2 or 3 times a week  he is happy.

Me, I am happy to still have my dad after 4 heart attacks, 8 -15 stents, a AAA (sleeve for his main artery in his abdomen), some dementia, diabetes and high blood pressure.  I am lucky he has a good disposition and is willing to follow me thru anything.  He loves and trust me that much.  Every day  is a challenge and a chore.  It is a lot to care for an older person, especially with no hands on help other than what you and he can do.  I get tired and frustrated, but he never quit on my family growing up (biologically he is my step-dad)  and I am not gonna quit on him.


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